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Part I Talk about Social Issues 談論社交話題


1. 預計本周都應該是晴天。
It’s  supposed to be sunny all week.

2. 氣象員說今天是晴天,但天卻陰沉得厲害。
The  weatherman said it would be clear , but it's really cloudy.

3. 真不敢相信,現在才5月中旬,外面就這么熱。
I can’t believe it’s only mid-May. It’s so hot  outside.

4. 聽說昨天是今年以來最熱的一天。
They said yesterday was the hottest  day of the year so far. 

5. 這鬼天氣真讓人捉摸不透。
The weather can’t  make up its mind what to do.


1. “be supposed to ~”原本就用來表示談論沒有把握的話題,所以很適合用來形容天氣!
2. 一說到天氣預報,常常會使用 “The weatherman said…”! “said” 也可以換成 “says”, 但要注意 “would” 也要相應地變成 “will”.
3. 談話里可以使用一些夸張的說法! “I can't believe”就是其中一種表達方式。這是為了表達自己強烈的感情。
4. “They say…”與 “The  weatherman says…”意義完全相同。
5. “can't make up its mind”由 “自己無法決定”轉義為“捉摸不透”。也可以使用 “unpredictable” 或 “changeable”, 如 “The weather is  unpredicatable/changeable.”


6. 盡管失業率不斷上升,首相仍然獲得了很高的支持率。
The prime minister has maintained a high  approval rating despite the increase in unemployment. 

7. 在進行機構改革前,有幾個障礙必須克服。
There are several hurdles to clear before structural  reform can be carried out.

8. 世界各國能為事先中東和平做點什么呢?
What can the  world do to help bring peace to the Middle East?

9. 你怎么看美國轟炸阿富汗這件事?
How do you feel about America’s aerial bombardment of Afghanistan?

10. 我無法使自己支持一個好戰的政府。
I can’t bring myself to support a warlike  government.


6. “maintain”表示“保持某種狀態”。如 “maintain  contact with him.”。ê退3致撓担!“despite”常用于報紙,口語中則常使用in spite of.
7.  Structural reform 為機構改革。經濟改革、教育改革、政治改革分別為economic reform, educational  reform. political reform. 動詞為carry out (實行,執行)
8. Bring peace to ~意為帶來和平;謴秃推綖閞estore peace, 維護和平為maintain peace.
9. 與aerial bombardment相比,口語中更常使用aerial bombing. How do you feel about ~? 與What do you think of  ~?同義,用來詢問對方的意見。
10. 最好記住can’t bring myself to ~”這種表達方式,它表示“不想~”。如:I  can’t bring myself to discuss it.” (我不想談論這件事)


11. 最近銀行的利率低的讓人無法相信。
Interest rates at banks  are incredibly low these days.

12. 你認為日本的經濟蕭條會持續到什么時候?
How long  do you think this recession in Japan will continue?
13. 2001年經濟不景氣,致使失業率急劇上升。
Business was so slow in 2001 that unemployment shot way up.

14. 他的公司快要倒閉了、
His company is almost broke.

15. 我現在存錢是為晚年作準備。
I’ve  been putting money aside to live on when I’m older.


11. Interest rates 表示銀行等的利率。注意這里使用了at banks. 如果以3%的年利率從銀行貸款的話,應譯為 “I got a  loan from the bank at 3 percent per year.”
12. Recession表示不景氣,蕭條。如:The recession is deeper than the government admits.(經濟蕭條要比政府承認的更嚴重)。另外從不景氣中復蘇可譯為recover from the recession
13. 請記住slow 的這種用法。反之,表示經濟情況很好時用 Business is booming.或Business is thriving.等。Shoot way up 用于表示物價等急劇上漲。
14. Broke是形容詞,表示資金為零狀態。如:I was broke when I married her. (我和她結婚時身無分文。表示破產時,也可以說The company went bankrupt.”(那家公司破產了)。
15. Put more money aside意為 save money(存錢)。To live on意為to live on that money用這筆錢生活。如He lives on a  small salary.他依靠僅有的一點兒工資生活。


16. 你知道“空中飛車”嗎?大肆宣揚了一番,最后發現只不過是滑板車而已。
Do you know about Ginger? After  all the hype, it turned out to be just a scooter.

17. 我們應該去那家新開的意大利餐館嘗嘗。
We’ve got to try that new Italian restaurant.

18. 手機已經成為人們生活的一部分。沒有它我真不知道怎么生活。
Cell phones are a way of life. I can’t live  without it. 

19. 我真的喜歡Kitty貓,我才不管別人說什么呢。
I really like Hello  Kitty. I don’t care what other people say.

20. 我弄不懂大家為什么這樣熱衷于名牌商品。
I  can’t understand why everyone is so crazy about big-name brands. 


16. Hype表示(刺激興趣,促進銷售的)天花亂墜的廣告宣傳。好萊塢電影常用hype。而要表示實際結果時,可以像例句一樣用 turn out to be.
17. Have got to與have to /must意義相同。當向別人極力推薦某種東西時,常常使用這種句型。Try意為test(嘗試)常常這樣使用:Have you tried that new restaurant that opened  on the corner?(你去過街角新開的那家餐館了嗎?)試試運氣可以用I’ll try my luck.
18. Can’t  live without ~表示缺了~就無法活下去。比較夸張,常用于口語。
19. Don’t care表示不在乎,如I don’t  care what happened(我不在乎發生什么事情)語氣更強烈一點的話,可以使用 “who cares?”(管它呢)
20. 流行無需理由,所以常?鋸埖厥褂肐 can’t understand的表達方式。Be crazy about ~表示熱衷于~。


21. 你知道嗎?聽說史密斯夫婦離婚了。
Have you heard the  rumor? Someone said the Smiths got divorced.

22. 聽說她出生于一個富裕家庭。
I  hear she comes from a well-off family.

23. 很明顯,比爾被女朋友甩了。
Apparently,Bill  was jilted. 
24. 你聽說了嗎?他媽媽因逃稅被抓起來了。
Did you hear his mother was  arrested for tax evasion?

25. 可不要對別人說哦。
This is strictly off  the record.


21. 說一些謠傳時,可以用Have you heard…?或 Did you  hear…?開始。比如Have you heard/Did you hear that Mr. Green is leaving the  company?(你聽說格林先生要辭職嗎?)使用rumor的表達方式有Rumor has it that /Rumor goes that  Mr. Green is leaving the company.”(聽說格林先生要辭職)
22. I hear …也表示聽說。21中的 Someone said …或I hear 也表示傳聞,如Someone said/ I hear that Tom is leaving  the company.
23. Apparently用來表示相當有把握的信息
24. 與21同樣表示傳聞,同樣的表達方式還有 This is just between us/ ourselves(這話到此為止)
25. 要注意off the record有定冠詞 the .


Talking about  Lifestyles



26. 我曾被叫做“掛鑰匙兒童”。
I was  a so-called latchkey kid.

27. 我爸爸把家庭放在第一位。
My father puts  family before everything else.

28. 照顧爺爺是件很辛苦的事。
Taking care of  my grandfather is a lot of work.

29. 我們和親戚之間不大走動。
We don’t have  much to do with our relatives.

30. 新年那天,所有親戚都聚集在我家里。
On New  Year’s Day, all the relatives get together at my house.


26. So-called意為號稱、所謂的,如He’s a so-called Christian, but he never seems to go  to church.。ㄋ柗Q是基督教徒,可是很少看到他去教堂)
27. 請記住put A before B (把A放在B之前)這種表達方式。如He puts his work before his family.(他重視工作甚于家庭)。He puts quantity  before quality.(他重視數量甚于質量)。
28. 照顧(小孩或者病人)一般使用take care of ~,也可以表示負責作~。如I’ll take care of buying food.(我負責購買食物)。
29. Don’t have much to  do with ~表示與與~不達有關系,do with ~ 此處意為be connected with ~(與~有關系)have  something to do with ~表示與~多少有點兒關系,have nothing to do with ~ 表示與~毫無關系。
30. Get together集合也可以用have a reunion來表示,后者多用來表示沒有什么特別節目的聚會。


31. 我想要間更大的房子。
I wish I had a bigger house.

32. 一個人生活有時會感到憂郁。
Sometimes it’s depressing when you live alone.

33. 我家房子蓋了有20年了。
My house is 20 years old.

34. 去城里的電車一小時只有一趟。
There’s  only one train into town per hour.

35. 上班要花幾個小時?
How long does  it take you to get to the work?
31. 請注意表示意愿的wish的用法,后面接動詞的過去式時,是虛擬語氣的一種。如:I wish I could speak English much better. 公寓一般用apartment  (租賃的公寓),condominium(私有的公寓,縮寫為condo)來表示。
32. 獨自生活為live alone。如果是和別人合租的話,可以用I have a roommate.表示。
33. 表示房子蓋了多少年用old表示。如How old is this  building?
34. Town表示城市的中心,所以train into town表示去城里的電車。反之,離開城里的車用train  out of town表示。Per hour表示每個小時,hour的前面不用one,一天三個小時表示為three hours per day.
35. 要表示一個人做某事花費多少時間,常常使用it takes sb. sometime to do…的形式。如It took me 50  minutes to get there我去那兒花了50 分鐘。


36. 我們和鄰居關系很好。
We are good friends with our door neighbors.

37. 我很少看到鄰家的人。
I seldom see my next door neighbors.

38. 那家的狗晚上叫喚,影響了左鄰右舍。
Their dog barks at night and disturbs everyone in the  neighborhood.

39. 星期一和星期三收垃圾。
The garbage days are Mondays and  Wednesdays.

40. 在市民中展開了保護位于商業區的傳統建筑物的活動。
There is a movement  among residents to try to preserve the traditional buildings in the old  commercial area.


36. Good friends 表示關系密切,要注意friends使用的是復數形式。即使與一個人交朋友也使用復數形式,如I became good friends with Jane in Canada.” 
37. Next neighbor表示住在隔壁的人。
38. Disturb愿意為interrupt(妨礙,打攪), 這里指打攪別人心靈的平靜。在不好的傳聞中的 “The rumor is disturbing.”(這種謠傳著實令人不安)也屬于同種用法。關于neighborhood還有 There is a very nice restaurant in my neighborhood.(我家附近有家特別棒的餐館)的表達方式。
39. 收垃圾日為garbage day, 垃圾袋為garbage bag, 垃圾箱為garbage can, 收垃圾的人為trash  collector. 
40. Movement表示政治性的,社會性的市民運動。如the peace movement和平運動,the  anti-abortion movement(反對墮胎運動)


41. 我感冒了,而且還發燒。
I’m running a fever. I have a cold.

42. 多保重。一定要好好睡覺。
Take care of yourself. Be sure to get some sleep.

43. 你早該休假了。
You deserve a break.

44. 昨天我喝多了,今天還很難受(宿醉)。
I have a  hangover today.

45. 由于花粉的過敏,我的眼睛刺癢難受。
I have hay fever. My eyes  itch.


41. 請注意running的用法。表示同樣的意思的還有I feel feverish. I  have a slight cold.表示有點兒感冒。
42. 對感冒的人常使用這樣的建議;蛘哒fYou should go home  and go to bed. 當感冒怎么也不好時,用I can’t shake off this cold.來表示。
43. Break 雖然表示工作中的小憩,但這里表示休假。Deserve 常用來表示得到~是理所當然的,如Your book deserves high  praises.你的書理所應當得到高度的贊譽。
44. 宿醉用hangover,想吐用I feel sick, 或I’m  nauseated.頭暈用I feel dizzy.表示。
45. 因花粉癥hay fever而痛苦的話,可以用I’m suffering  form hay fever. 也可以用allergic(過敏),如I’m allergic to cedar pollen. (我對杉樹粉過敏)。如果對貓過敏的話,可以用I’m allergic to cats.來表示。


46. 我不知道我能否找到意中人。
I wonder if I’ll ever meet the right guy.

47. 我不適合結婚。
I’m not cut out for married life.

48. 第一次見到他,我就知道他是我命中注定的那個人。
The first time I saw him. I knew he was the one.

49. 我跟他一刀兩斷了。
He means nothing to me any more. 

50. 聽說他們是奉子成婚。
I’ve  heard that they had a shotgun wedding.


46. Meet the  right guy表示(女性)遇到命中注定的人,
47. Not cut out for ~與not the right kind of  person for ~意思相同,表示不適合~,如I’m not cut out for teaching /politics(我不適合當老師 /搞政治)
48. Know 以過去時表示憑直覺感受到。比如I knew we were going to get married.(我感覺到我們命中注定是要結婚的),I knew something was wrong.我覺得有點兒怪怪的。
49. 也可以說成We’re  just friends now. 我們現在只是朋友了。因性格不合而分手的情況下,則可以說There wasn’t any chemistry  between us.我們八字不合。
50. Shotgun wedding表示(因女方未婚先孕為保全面子或聲譽而不得不成婚的)強制婚姻,來源于女方的父親用槍頂著男方,逼迫男方和自己的女兒結婚。

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